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Laxminarayana Temple

laxminarayana This temple is about 350 years old. A folk lore goes that the presiding deity of this temple Lord Laxminarayana arrived into Manthani in bullock carts of Chinta Pandu (Tamarind) that is being brought into the village for being sold. An old man asked the business men carrying tamarind in bullock carts for a lift across the village and near the Varadaraja Swamy Temple, the bullock cart that carrying this old man got struck and on checking with the load, it has been observed that the old man turned into a beautifully carved Black Stone Idol of Lord Laxminarayana with four hands and in sitting posture. The idol was then shifted into the temple and before a final decision could be made about the position of installation, it has been found that the idols of Lord Varadaraja Swamy and Lord Keshavananda Swamy that were already existing in the temple moved apart and gave place for Lord Laxminarayana’s idol in the middle of the sanctum sanctorium. There are, of course, no historical or documentary proofs for this story.
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There are Mantapams surrounding the main temple. Hanuman, Andal, Goda Devi and Garuda temples are surrounding the main temple.
In 1965, a local vaishya devotee Shri Dontula Vaikuntham sponsored brass metal covering of the 30 FT Dhwaja Sthambam in the temple. In 1967, another local Komati devotee Shri Illendula Chantiah installed the idol of Andallu Ammavaru in memory of his parents.
This temple is at the heart of the village and probably, that’s why, it is well maintained by local people. There are everyday bhajans, kirtans, poojas, regular visits, at this temple. Vaikuntha Ekadashi, Dasara, Rama Navami, Krishna Asthami, etc. are main activity Utsavams here.


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