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తమ్మి చెరువు ను కాపాడుకుందాం

ఈ శిర్షిక పూర్తిగా చదివి మీ మీ అబిప్రాయాలు తెలియజేయ గలరు 

.       బన్నె చెరువు
§                     బర్రె కుంట
§                     బొక్కల వాగు
§                     రావుల చెరువు
§                     తమ్మి చెరువు
§                     శీల సముద్రమ్
§                     అయ్యగారి చెరువు
§                     గోదావరి నది
§                     రెడ్డి చెరువు
Ramadugu Venugopal Comment..

Dear Manthanites,

This is a good thought…….But,It is possible only with team work…… 
This was already Mr.Regalla Radhakrishna and my self highlighted couple of years back."గోదావరి పక్కన గొంతు ఎండిపోవటం అంటే ఇదే..........."

Bokkala vaagu Bridge, Ravula Cheruvu, Thamma Cheruvu, Manthani to GDK Road....Overall  Drainage system, Drinking water ...etc.. etc......Who will do this? We have to do this.  Manthani people has to think on this. Ask and request our leaders to get the work done.

I think for this we need a Honest committee to prepare a list of requirements, To present our leaders regarding our exact requirement, Ask our Leaders for release the funds and verify the work is completed as per our requirement. This is not one man job......This is Team work....Everybody is responsible.

Everything should be in a systematic way as below. The honest committee should visit the site time to time, update the progress, closely monitor the job is completed within stipulated time and utilized the funds properly as per our requirement.

Every end of the year we have to verify that which is completed,Which is remain and What is the Progress?Then we will come to know ........where we are?
So please join and prepare a list of requirements for the Green and Clean Manthani...Make a healthy and useful topic in our group.

Ramadugu Venugopal 

Venu said it correct.
I think we have to take advantage of RTI (Right to Information) act in this regart to get correct and official information form government agencies.
Can any one staying locally take iniciative to chese ghe  the information first, which will help to discuss further and plan for cource of action. 
 Radhakrishna Regalla ( )

Thammichervu, Ravula cheruvu, Ayyavari Cheruvu water are medicated one and how long we took the drinking water from those three tanks, we stood first in intellegence. The moment when we stopped to take the water from those three tanks our intellegence started to falldown. Let one more moment come for drinking water from the said tanks.-

-Satish Panakanti
I am wondered...its just dredging to take place, and how much it cost, each manthanite spare 1000 Rupees the dredging will take place...So simple...and see who much other NGOs and Govt and central share on rojgari fund all can resolve..please..if not let's increase individual increased donation on fund raising...A movement required...to restore water bodies...of Manthani..surroundings...

Let's think..let some one Manthanite give Population of Manthani Town and calculate..for corpus fund...so simple rest Goverment pay..

Let's get Ready..

P Purushotham Rao


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