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    • Sridhar Kollaram Babu is grt Leader. but sorry to say that other than Babu..... paisa mandham upakaaram cheyani vallu kuda Babu venta undi photo kosam pose istaru.... kontha mandhi ayte mana thana ani lekunda unna urlo vallatho paisa ashistaru... lekunte pani kaadu.......... thats wht i came to know.
      Thursday at 1:40am ·  · 1
    • Maruthi Vallambhattla he is good&honest leader we have at present.we should support him from core of heart.any body can approach him with out hesitation.
      Thursday at 11:46am ·  · 1
    • Manu Mani Kumar mana manthani ki sir tuch lo unte cheppandi sir 2nd cader kolpovadam lo muntuku doosukeltunnaru but we r all ways with sirrrrr from fans of babu
      Thursday at 12:35pm ·  · 1
    • Sridhar Kollaram MAruthi garu... I second ur comment.. he is very much approachable and very honest leader for us. only concern is 2nd cader or u can say Budda rajakeeya nayakulu... i was talking abt.
      Friday at 2:16am · 
    • Rakesh Panakanti pani patta lenni vella illanti chetta comments chestunnaru,valla arhata telusokunda matladutunnaru
    • Rakesh Panakanti some r talking about 2nd cadre vallaku avasaram ledanukunta,pedda vallu edo great anni feel aytunaru,valla panni sariga chesukondii
    • Madhu Sudhan Suvarna Guys.. can you talk this offline..
      15 hours ago · 
    • Sridhar Kollaram 
      It's very unfortunate to say that one of my cousin rcvd warning phone call asking why i commented and not to comment about 2nd cader leaders from a local leader in MNT(I don't consider him in any cader, its my personal opinion). I don't want to react to anyone's comment anymore that's the reason i stopped commenting back sametime i don't feel sorry for what i commented because nothing wrong i said and its MNT prajalu erigina satyam......... Sorry Prasad anna this is my last comment on this. hope no more threatening/warning calls on this here after to my relatives or family members.
      2 hours ago · 


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